Put On A Show

How the stage was set for a Monday night to remember in Los Angeles.

Its 7am on a Tuesday morning following, what people are calling Monday Night’s performance between the 9-1 Chiefs and 9-1 Rams, the greatest game ever played. People love to focus on the most recent events/performances as the standard. We see it every day in the workplace with yearly performance reviews as well. Was the game great? Yes. Was the game extremely entertaining? Absolutely. No one can argue that. Do we not remember last years superbowl? The one where Tom Brady threw for a record 503 yards in a LOSS? Or how about the year before that? 28-3. That’s all im going to say there. Or let’s even go back to the 2015 Superbowl, why didn’t the Seahawks RUN the ball on the goal line? All of those games are better than last night’s entertainment spectacle. I set this up because it all began in what was supposed to be a game played in Mexico City. Yes go ahead and laugh, MEXICO CITY! Why the hell are we playing week 11 NFL games in Mexico? A week out the field was apparently is such awful condition the players did not feel safe playing on it. So, the NFL in a rather quick decision moved the game to the LA Coliseum, the home field of the LA Rams. Real quick, do you really think the NFL moves a game from Mexico City if the teams playing weren’t both 9-1 because of field conditions? How many times has Heinz field been unplayable? In addition, I never really saw too many pictures of the field. I remember seeing a shot from what seemed like the nosebleeds, yea it looked bad, but unplayable? Here is my point. The NFL wanted to create some national buzz for this game, not just in the sports world but the everyday CNN, FOXNEWS world. Especially in today’s Trump news cycle of constant "build that wall" mentality with Mexico. They pulled a game out from under Mexico and moved it to the entertainment capital of the world. All week everyone was talking about the matchup. Mahomes vs the high-powered Rams offense led by Todd Gurley and Jared Goff.

Here is the second part of this story. Sometime on Sunday, Roger Goodell reached out to the owners of both teams on a private line and had a conversation that went something like this… "Put on a show." Those owners then went down to their head coaches and echoed the same thing… "Put on a show." And boy did they. Even though both teams have two of the best running backs in the league, we saw a combined 95 pass attempts. Conversely, we saw only 31 planned running plays. Todd Gurley who came in averaging over 25 rushes a game ran the ball just 12 times for 55 yards. Kareem Hunt 14 times for 70 yards. Neither one of these teams ever looked to slow the game down even when holding a precious lead with time running out. After Mahomes threw an INT with 1:28 left in the game down 3 points, the Rams take over and PASS the ball three straight times, THREE times!!! All this with an MVP running back who could have shoved it down their throat for a first down on three straight rushes. How are we not blasting McVey for this? This goes completely outside the realm of normal in the NFL. The Chiefs got the ball back with 50 seconds left, which seemed like an eternity in this game and fortunately, for LA, Mahomes threw his third and final INT of the game. LA finally kneels the ball after to win the game 54-51, second most points ever scored on Monday Night Football. Kansas City scored the most points ever in a loss in NFL history at 51 points. Many other records were broken. People will be talking about this game for a long time. However, what most people won’t see, it that it was set up to be a spectacle from the moment it was scheduled in Mexico City, then promptly moved to Los Angeles to set the stage for both teams to "put on a show."