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Put On A Show - Jack Manning

How the stage was set for a Monday night to remember in Los Angeles.

Formatted Email - Kenneth Huebsch

This is a live demo of an automated email that customers of Vetter Pet Care will receive after they make an appointment.

Down by 2 touchdowns? Go for 2. - Kenneth Huebsch

Why NFL teams should always go for 2, when trailing by 14 late in the game.

Is There Anybody Out There? - Kenneth Huebsch

Why I believe that we are not alone in our universe, but also why I don’t believe that we will ever make contact with another rational being.

Space May Be The Final Frontier... - Jack Manning

...But it's made in a Hollywood basement.

How’s The Other Me Doing Today? - Kenneth Huebsch

An overly simplified description of what a Parallel Universe is.

Looking Back In Time - Kenneth Huebsch

A quick article about how the farther out you look into space, the farther back in time you are looking.

Philly/Baltimore Clickable Zip Codes - Kenneth Huebsch

This is a live demo of a zip code map for Vetter Pet Care.